Residential phone service

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calls with the
clearest sound

Phone service from only

$29.95/ month

Better conversations brought to you by PIE&G Connect.

We all deserve a superior phone service with access to the latest Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology.

Delivered into your home using the same fiber-optic network as our super-fast internet services, our phone service refuses to compromise on reliability, clarity, or quality.

Our phone service packages include: 

  • Unlimited talk time
  • The very latest features
  • Unlimited local and long distance calling to U.S. and Canada
  • Voice mail service

Prices start from $29.95/month
with any Fiber Internet package.

PIE&G Connect Residential Voice Service

Starting from $29.95 packaged w/internet, plus taxes & fees.

Long<br />
Voice<br />
starts from

$29.95* / month

Plus taxes & fees

*PIE&G Connect offers standalone phone services (No Internet) for $49.95/month plus applicable local taxes and fees.

We're proud to support our community

We're proud to support our community

Our community deserves to thrive. To support this, we’re committed to:


  • Transparent pricing
  • Contract-free services
  • World-class service
  • Local support whenever you need it
  • Up-to-date technology

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