Inside Equipment
Return Procedure

Inside Equipment Return Procedure

Inside Equipment Return Procedure

To return inside equipment:

1. First we must disconnect the devices from power.

2. Next disconnect any other wires from the devices.

3. Finally gather devices with power cords to return to the office.

How to Remove cover on Gigaspire

1. Lay the Gigaspire on its side.

2. Locate the tabs at the bottom of the device.

3. Place your thumbs on these tabs.

4. Push gently away from the ports.

5. It will only move 3/8”.

How to Remove cover on gigaspire
Put the Cover on

Put the Cover On

1. Push the cover until you have the 3/8” gap.

2. Then pickup on the cover and lift it off.

3. Once inside, pull the green connector out of the port and uncoil the jumper from the device.

4. Leave fiber jumper installed in home for possible future use.

Whole Home Wi-Fi Extender

1. To return the Whole Home Wi-Fi Extender, just unplug everything from the device.

2. Gather up the device and the power cord and return it to the office.

Whole Home Wi-Fi Extender